Cablevision wants the World Series streamed over the internet for free
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Cablevision wants the World Series streamed over the internet for free

This is a discussion on Cablevision wants the World Series streamed over the internet for free within the Article Comments forums, part of the DTV USA Community category.

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    Article: Cablevision wants the World Series streamed over the internet for free

    You can view the page at

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    Just a second... the World Series is available for free. All you need is an antenna, and digital television or converter box.

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    Agreed, DKreichen. That discussion is very confusing probably because it's from the greedy thieving media giants perspective, not the viewers.

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    Comcast, a.k.a. Cablevision are crooks and liars. They are having trouble staying in business while raising it's customers rates and making tv further complicated by not providing any degree of customer service. They are cocky thinking their original lie and deception during the switch to digital - stuck. They've kept this free digital tv secret to all their subscribers. Looking forward to the day when they are out of business completely. The only reason they are not already out is because of this huge lying campaign in 2/2008. They should all be hung for what they did. It seems to me that this would qualify as an Anti-Trust Issue but the government refuses to hold them accountable. There are a lot of profiteers out there trying to peddle their products to the ignorant who don't know how easy it is to get free ota dtv. It's sickening that it's been almost 3 years since tv's been free and still people are throwing their money away on pay tv. Sickening and insane.

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    Here's an idea... why not have the government and non-profits actually produce dramas, and build and operate distribution services (broadcast channels, cable systems, and satellite systems)? Oh yeah! Because our society believes in free enterprise, and therefore market forces should be allowed to drive the definition of offerings and pricing for non-essentials such as video entertainment like baseball games.


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