Article: The Door Slams Shut on TNT's 'The Closer'
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Article: The Door Slams Shut on TNT's 'The Closer'

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    Article: The Door Slams Shut on TNT's "The Closer"

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    I think this is a shame. With all the garbage reality shows and filth that is on TV to capture the younger crowd it makes me sick what television programing has become. One of the best shows on TV bites the dust which is just typical of the Networks.

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    I think the Closer is one of the most entertaining show on tv. Why are you going to cancel, so what if the viewers are older. As the population grows there is more and more older people, how silly.

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    The Closer.... I look forward to coming home and watching Brenda,Provenza,Sanchez... Do their thing.



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