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    Super Bowl 2013 HDTV Deals

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    by , 01-15-2013 at 08:24 AM (5804 Views)
    It's official: the Giants and the Patriots will go head-to-head less than three weeks from today, which means your time is limited to gather the snacks, drinks and surround sound system for game day. Although you might feel like you've got everything ready--down to scheduling a convenient spa trip for the less enthusiastic lady in your life--, there's still one major element you probably overlooked: your TV.

    You're probably thinking: "But wait, my TV is only five years old," "It's of decent quality," "I can't afford anything better." Although they might seem like an unreachable luxury, HDTVs have actually become more affordable as of late while also becoming "smarter" and more technologically sophisticated. Still on the fence? Take a look at this year's best HDTV deals just in time for the biggest game of the year.

    LG Infinia 47LW5600
    ($850 at Amazon)

    Have you ever wanted to experience the game from a front row perspective, or better yet, from right in the center of the field? Literally speaking, watching the game from a player perspective might get a little ugly, but with the advanced 3D feature on LG's new Infinia 47LW5600, you can have this up-close-and-personal perspective without the risk of being tackled to the floor. Priced just under $900, this 47-inch HDTV comes complete with inky blacks, superior color quality and energy-efficient power usage. The set received an Editors' Choice award and a rating of 4.5 out of 5, which isn't surprising with the wealth of special features, including a Magic Motion remote, LED backlighting, wired and wireless networking and all the web apps you could ever want.

    Panasonic TC-P55ST50
    ($1,199 at Amazon)

    This sleek, slim and top-notch 3D plasma HDTV ensures an exceptional viewing experience for the Super Bowl and beyond. The TC-P55ST50 comes with full HD 2D and 3D features, giving you the option to watch your game your way. No need to draw the curtains and turn off the lights with the anti-glare Infinite Black Pro Panel, which comes with a Louvre filter that fosters the darkest blacks. A 600Hz refresh rate makes each play delightfully fluid, while outstanding color quality makes blues bluer and reds redder.

    Samsung UN55ES7100
    ($1,897.99 at Amazon)

    With an unbeatable 33 percent discount just in time for the Super Bowl, the Samsung UN55ES7100 55-inch LED HDTV comes packed with viewing-enhancing features that makes every play heart-stopping. A thin LED design means your set will fit comfortably virtually anywhere in your home, with a luminous contrast of LED backlights to make every shot even sharper. Smart TV, Smart Hub and built-in WiFi make it easy to check the stats with your ESPN app and gloat about each touchdown on Twitter in real time. Full HD 2D and 3D viewing options allow you and your closest friends to get your heads in the game during more intense plays or sit back and relax at the half-time show.

    Newer and more advanced models of HDTVs are released on a regular basis now, with prices that are affordable for virtually any budget. These three outstanding models are definitely worth considering for your Super Bowl party, so you don't have to spend this year's game at a crowded bar or watching your sub-par set at home. On the plus side: even if your team loses at this year's game, you still win with your brand new HDTV.

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