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    Comcast MyDVR - Setting my DVR to record from the web?

    This is a discussion on Comcast MyDVR - Setting my DVR to record from the web? within the Comcast forums, part of the Cable and Satellite Providers category.

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      Does anyone know if Comcast MyDVR will work with a Tivo? How long ago did Comcast start this? It's exactly like DirecTV's features right? Where I can set my DVR up to record from the web?

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      Hi Timothyd - first let me give an update. this functionality is not yet available and still in development. I wish I could give you a date; however, I don't have one. It is coming though.

      For the question if Tivo will work with this Comcast function, it won't. Tivo does have a site which will work with the Tivo equipment.

      This link Watch TV Online at | Full Episodes | TV Listings | High Definition Videos is for Moto equipment with the Tivo software. It is available in the Northeast.

      Not much help, but at least it may clear up some questions.

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      This was always a plus for DirecTV and one of the reasons why I went with them. The day Comcast gets this feature online and working just as well as DirecTV's online scheduling is the day I'll seriously think about coming back to cable.


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