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    • Lakers vs Celtics bring bigger ratings this year for ABC

      NBA LogoThe NBA finals are drawing a larger audience than last year with the first 3 games having been played.

      The Walt Disney Network announced today that last night's ratings for Game 3 garnered 11.5 percent of US TV households. So far this year, the NBA Finals ratings have ranked at least 10 percent higher than the first 3 games did in 2009 between the Lakers and Orlando Magic. In fact, all 3 Final's games have provided ABC with the highest ratings of the night, topping any other prime time show in the same time slot.

      Other NBA Finals Notes

      Game 4 will be played tomorrow evening in Boston at 9 PM ET. The Lakers are leading 2-1 in the best of 7 series.

      Andrew Bynum of the Lakers is being reported as questionable for Game 4.
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