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    • Many New TV Shows on the Horizon From Fox, SyFy, NBC and MTV

      As pilot season approaches, the networks are picking up potential new shows right and left. Below are a few of the most recent additions to the slate:

      --"The Danger List", a medical thriller where the lead doctor has a complicated past and ends up investigating all types of medical abuses, crimes, and conspiracies. This will be a Fox series.

      --"Beautiful Strangers", a story about a couple of young thieves who are given a second chance by going to work for the FBI as informants. Look for this on the CW if it's picked up.

      --"Alphas", a science fiction offering that focuses on a group of people with super powers who work together to take out threats that agencies like the FBI can't handle. This show has a 'go' from the SyFy network and will begin filming 11 episodes in early 2011. The show stars David Strathaim and Ryan Cartwright.

      --"Love Bites", an anthology series picked up by NBC. Though the show had an original order of 13 episodes, it's been cut to 9 as the show is already in the process of surviving several complications, including a change in producers and the pregnancy of its star, Becki Newton.

      --"The Inbetweeners", a teenage drama about four boys who aren't geeky enough to be uncool but neither are they popular enough to be considered cool. The show will air on MTV and star Joey Pollari, Bubba Lewis, Zack Pearlman, and Mark L. Young. According to, this show will begin shooting January 10 in Florida.
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