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    • Roku Announces HDMI Stick That Turns Regular TVs into Smart TVs

      Today Roku unveiled the Roku Streaming Stick™—a little stick about the size of a standard USB flash drive that will simply plug into a TV to instantly transform it into a Smart TV. It essentially includes everything in a Roku player—built-in WiFi, processor, memory and software—and will deliver all the channels found on the Roku platform today. It will also benefit from regular free software updates and channel enhancements.
      From the Official Roku Blog:
      With the Roku Streaming Stick, consumers will be able to enjoy a Roku streaming experience that is fully integrated into their TVs. They’ll only need to use one remote for their TV and for streaming. There won’t be any cables or a power adaptor. And the best part is, when the Streaming Stick becomes outdated (and let’s face it, technology hardware needs to be upgraded as software evolves), consumers can simply purchase an inexpensive new Streaming Stick without having to replace their much more costly TVs.

      The Roku Streaming Stick will plug into MHL-enabled HDMI ports on TVs. MHL is a new standard that uses the HDMI connector on TVs to deliver power and other critical elements for the streaming experience. There are already TVs with MHL from Samsung and Toshiba, and you’ll see a bunch more announced at CES.
      Roku Streaming Sticks will be available in retail later this year alongside our streaming players, and at prices comparable to today’s Roku players ($50 to $100).
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