• Richard Dawson of 'Family Feud' Fame has Passed

    The Associated Press is reporting that Richard Dawson, the former, popular host of “Family Feud” has passed away at the age of 79 from esophageal cancer. He hosted the show from 1976 until 1985 and then returned to host again from 1994-1995.

    Richard DawsonDawson was perfect for the show with his wit and charm, and was known for kissing the women contestants. He met his current wife, and the mother of his daughter, when she appeared on the show as a contestant with her family. After his marriage and his return to the show for the 1994-1995 he promised his young daughter he would no longer kiss the women contestants. Dawson also has two sons born during his marriage to the bombshell, Diana Dors.

    Richard Dawson was also part of the ensemble cast of “Hogans Heroes” , where he portrayed Cpl. Peter Newkirk from 1965-1971. He made many guest appearances on shows in the 70’s like “Love, American Style”, “The Love Boat”, “The New Dick Van Dyke Show”, and “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In”. He was wildly popular on the “The Match Game” as a panelist who often had good-natured sparring with Brett Summers who was also on the show. Dawson had the knack of matching the answer of the contestant, and also for picking the number one “match” on the show. He also appeared in the big screen movie "The Running Man."

    Dawson’s wit and ability for delivering zany zingers was legendary. RIP Richard Dawson we will miss you.
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