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    Anyone have a Magnavox remote code?

    This is a discussion on Anyone have a Magnavox remote code? within the Converter Boxes and ATSC Tuners forums, part of the Over-the-Air (Antenna TV) category.

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      I've got a Magvavox TB110MW9 converter box and a One for all remote, does anyone have a code i could try? I found one for the Apex that we have but cant seem to find one for our Magnavox.
      Many Thanks!


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      Carl, I've personally tried remotes from RCA, Zenith, URC and my favorite, which is a Chinese no-name, and not a one of them had a code that would work.

      The URC, however, could be "taught" to work the box, you just have to go through the fairly tedious learning process. There are a number of "learning" remotes out there, some cheap, some not so cheap. You pays your money and you takes your chances.

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      Feb 2009
      Owensboro, Kentucky


      If you still have the original remote the 'learning' function would work fine. until the batteries go dead and all codes are lost. so if you one day did lose the remote it would be hard to use the URC again.

      I've found similar looking remotes for Funai, Symphonic, and various others that look just like the Magnavox converter, most of them are for VCRs but ironically functions such as 'Menu' and 'Channel Up/Down' will work should you lose the remote, but wouldn't provide the 'one remote for all devices' you're seeking.

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      The cheapest fix we could find (after hours of looking for code for "one for all" universal to no avail), was to simply go to walmart and for $8 get the RCA universal remote, it has a special section in the code literature for DTV converter boxes (about 20 different brands including Magnovox)... it worked the first time.. easy to program (hold down dtc button at same time enter 5 digit code with other hand (51563), your're done, Easy). menu functions work as well with menu button, also program info can be gotten with the guide button, then use right arrow to access future program info, etc.. ) Nice unit, seems to be the only one for a decent price that we could find that was an immediate solution. It also allows for 2 other devices such as TV and DVD or VCR or DVR or Satelite units to be controlled from same unit.. i'd get 2 to use in different rooms so you don't have to re-learn a new remote every time you change rooms. also has learning feature, and quick learn if you can just enter the first code, if it doesn't work you simply hit power button to automatically go to next code for your device brand. neat. Not the ultimate but for the price very good.

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      one for all 00724, GE 0581

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      What model is that rca remote from walmart... thanks

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      Try 5096 on one of the cheapo Chinese universal remotes


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