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    How many channels can I get with a converter box?

    This is a discussion on How many channels can I get with a converter box? within the Converter Boxes and ATSC Tuners forums, part of the Over-the-Air (Antenna TV) category.

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      I was just wondering how many channels I can get with a converter box? We were thinking about getting cable this summer but decided against it because we just don't get enough time to watch TV between all of my room mates. On regular TV we get about 8 channels.

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      You might get the same 8 channels.

      If you don't watch that much TV, and are too busy doing stuff to mind having none altogether, you might want to skip getting a converter. This is true if you're in college - best to wait until you're settled down. Stick with the radio until then.

      If you're not in college, and watch TV more than 8 hours a week, then you should go for a converter box. If not, you always can get some entertainment tidbits online.

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    Generally, you'll get the same channels, with minor variations (on the order of about 10%), but some of the channels might provide more than one signal. Here, one of our national network affiliates also has a sub-channel that presents old television series and movies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silly88 View Post
    I was just wondering how many channels I can get with a converter box?
    Go here RabbitEars.Info

    Find the name of the town you live in
    (if you know just one of the call signs of a local station you can put it in the search box at the top)

    Find the town you live in and click on that town. Up comes a list of local stations. Doesn't mean you will be able to receive them all but it gives you an idea.


    And / Or go to


    The first search on the page put in your zip code but to be conservative, lower the distance to 40 miles.

    This one is really good if you are between towns or don't find the name of your town in the first list.


    Again, this is not a list of what you will but what you might pick up. Conditions vary.

    If you wanted to take searching what you can pick up to the next level there is another web site that does that well, but a little more techie.


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