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    Digital Stream DTV Converter Problem

    This is a discussion on Digital Stream DTV Converter Problem within the Converter Boxes and ATSC Tuners forums, part of the Over-the-Air (Antenna TV) category.

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      It will not shut off or change any channels, or adjust the sound. Yes I did check the battery and replaced with new ones.
      Please advise.

      Werner M

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      Have you tried unplugging it for an extended period of time?

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      I don't think I have, I'll try that when I get home from work tonight.

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      My cat knocked the Digital Stream converter box off the TV last night, and this morning when I went to turn on the TV all it would give me was snow. The green light turns on and off like normal, but the plus and minus keys by the power button do nothing. The remote now does nothing. Could something be wrong internally with the Digital Stream box?

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      We have a digital stream converter box #9950 where the red light stays lit whether it is on or off. Checked the capacitors and both seem fine. We have it connected to the tv and antenna but when we turn on the tv all we get is snow. The remote won't work and we can't seem to get anything on the tv. Do you know what could be the problem?


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