Cheapest Place to Buy a DTV Converter Box?

Cheapest Place to Buy a DTV Converter Box?

This is a discussion on Cheapest Place to Buy a DTV Converter Box? within the Converter Boxes and ATSC Tuners forums, part of the Over-the-Air (Antenna TV) category.

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    Cheapest Place to Buy a DTV Converter Box?

    I still have 2 TV's that I need to convert to DTV because they're about 10 years old. I checked online at a few stores and it looks like it's going to cost me 0 total to buy 2 converter boxes. Does that sound right???? How come they're so expensive?

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    They run from about $40 on up. There was a government coupon program, but that ended years ago.

    It's approaching th point where it makes more economic sense to buy new TV sets, because the price of TVs are going down, and your old TV isn't going to last forever. When your old TV does die, you need to buy a new TV, then you're stuck with a converter box you have no use for.

    If you want a box for cheap, try thrift stores, garage sales, Craig's list, eBay, or amazon.

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    Prices at eBay for used converter boxes are still around $40 each too, I agree with MrPogi, spend a few extra dollars and buy a new HDTV or even a used one. Most all LCD (flatscreens) were built with internal HD tuners.

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    Craigslist is my opinion but before you buy one anywhere, Google the brand/name/model number and add the word REVIEW to your search. Not all boxes are NOT created equally ...


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