Free Digital Converter Box
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Free Digital Converter Box

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    Free Digital Converter Box

    Is there a way to get a free DTV converter box yet? I don't have the money to pay for one. I have two TV sets that need to still be converted.

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    There are no more government coupons available for converter boxes. The program ended in 2009.

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    If you want to pay the least amount of money for a dtv converter box, check the following websites: (check their used prices)
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    Try your local flea market or second hand store. My wife and I bought 5-6 converter boxes last year here in Dallas at a flea market for $10 a piece. Gave a couple to our family members and kept the rest for ourselves. They're all still working.

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    Depending on your budget and patience level for walking around flee markets, you can get digital converter boxes at Amazon for about $30 USD or thereabouts. If you want to up your level of viewing enjoyment by a level or two, you can find lower-end digital converter boxes that also have PVR capability for about $60-$80 USD.


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