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    How much does it cost to add a room for DirecTV?

    This is a discussion on How much does it cost to add a room for DirecTV? within the DirecTV forums, part of the Cable and Satellite Providers category.

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      I had DirecTV come out and install satellite service over a year ago. I still have about 10 months left on my current contract but I wanted to know what the cost is for having them run a line to another room and adding a HD DVR? Or just a cost to add a cable outlet and regular set-top box?

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      That is like trying to predict the weather.

      What kind of equipment do you have? If you have a genie and want to add a client it shouldn't cost much. You may be able to bargain with them.

      The install fee (I think) is $49 plus a $50 service fee. You may be able to bargain your way into a free extra receiver or genie, or reduced cost one. If you were to pay full price I think it would be $99 plus all of that.

      You could buy/lease an additional receiver from a reseller. Be sure to check the serial number if it is used, to make sure it isn't stolen.

      The additional monthly will be $6.
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    Whenever you call DirecTV, always ask if there is some kind of deal or promotion and never act like you have to have this work done. You'd be surprised at how much you can talk them down on price.

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    I just got 2 tvs and just got a new tv for a different room, and i have an advanced DVR and i was wondering how much it would cost for Directv to add and install another box.


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