DirecTV Genie "No servers were detected"
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DirecTV Genie "No servers were detected"

This is a discussion on DirecTV Genie "No servers were detected" within the DirecTV forums, part of the Cable and Satellite Providers category.

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    DirecTV Genie "No servers were detected"

    I had the DirecTV Genie DVR system installed about 2 months ago which has been working fine so far until tonight. I'm getting an error message that says that "No servers were detected".

    I've tried unplugging and resetting but it doesn't work.

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    Had this happen a month ago, try doing a simultaneous reset with your main Genie DVR and the C31 clients. It sounds tricky, but basically you just need to reset the Genie, walk to each client and reset them.

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    Also make sure the green "network" light is lit on the C31s.
    Ryan, N2RJ

    Extra class certified antenna NUT

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    This worked. Thanks!
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    Glad i found this, i just had the same issue.
    except my Genie & Client got installed less than 24 hours ago

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    I Don't Know What I Did But It's Working Now

    I had this problem, though TV worked fine a few hours ago - so I held down the reset button, nothing changed; tried unplugging and plugging back in, still nothing. I was sitting here reading this thread for a few minutes with the TV on (with the No Servers Were Detected message displayed) and suddenly it just started working. Weird.

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    Also make sure power saving mode is off in the settings. Right now there is a software issue that turns the clients to a black screen if the power saving mode is turned on from the genie.

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    resetting all at the same time indeed worked for me also.

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    Have reset everything, have unplugged everything, still not working, any other suggestions?

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    Did you do a red button (inside card door) reset? While it's booting up, go to each Client (Mini Genie) and do a red button (side of box) reset. The client will display the "searching for server" until the Genie is fully booted, then the Client will see the server.

    This situation can occur spontaneously if there is a power blip or a software update that causes the Genie to reset.

    Maybe provide information on what client you have... C31 or C41 or C41W

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    This solution worked perfectly... Go to main Genie and open the cover on right front- push red button and then go to each mini receiver and push the red button on the right side. Takes up to 5 minutes to reboot and the other TV's may still display the "no server" message until the genie unit is fully booted. Then they will all re-search and connect.
    Thank you for the forum help!

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    This worked for me too. TV worked at night, wasn't able to work in the morning. Error message said no servers detected. Reset all receivers which worked. Thanks

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    if my main tv is no longer working do i have to replace it to get service on the other tvs in house

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    Received "No Servers Detected" message

    Resetting the main Genie and all "clients" at the same time just worked for me, too. Glad I found this conversation thread before calling a Direct TV! Thank you!!!

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    Resetting the main Genie and then my 4 clients with the red buttons worked perfectly for me.

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    My installer told me that pushing the red button on the server and
    then the red buttons on the mini will fix the problem, which it did.

    But I had had to do this 4 times in first two days after installation.
    When is this bug going to be fixed?

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    This worked! Thanks!!

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    Server issues

    The system is updating. Instead of complaining about it, go outside and go for a walk. The tv will probably work by the time you get back!

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    Didn't work for me.. Any other suggestions? This has been happening alot lately with our TV. Every couple of days or so. The first time i had unplugged our system and it fixed it.. Now today i'm still an hour later trying to get it fixed.

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    This is happening to me. It works when I reset the Genie and then resetting the Genie Mini. However,
    it doesn't stay fixed. I don't want to go through this process twice a day. Is this a software bug?



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