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    Genie DVR issue

    This is a discussion on Genie DVR issue within the DirecTV forums, part of the Cable and Satellite Providers category.

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      I'm having some problems with my Genie DVR and choppy broadcasts from various networks. Every once in a while it'll flicker a bit and then the DirecTV logo will appear on the screen and go into screen saver mode. Turning off and then on the Genie DVR seems to help but I'm looking for more of a permanent fix. Any ideas?

      I've had the Genie DVR now for 4 months and these issues started happening just a week or two ago.

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      Sounds like it might be a dish pointing issue. Have you checked your signal strength meter on your Genie DVR?

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      On the genie goto menu > settings and help > settings > info and test > run system test. After running the system test you will get a system diagnostic code and also an explanation of the codes. Which will possibly give you further information of why you are having this issue.
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