Better deals before or after Christmas?
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Better deals before or after Christmas?

This is a discussion on Better deals before or after Christmas? within the DTV | HDTV Chat forums, part of the Over-the-Air (Antenna TV) category.

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    Better deals before or after Christmas?

    Anyone think deals on HDTVs and electronics will be better pre-Christmas or post-Christmas?

    I traditionally do my clothing shopping a day or two after Christmas to swoop up all the overstock deals. This year I'll be watching for a few products (Blu-ray player and PS3) after Christmas to see if I can find any bargains.

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    The eternal question.

    Im bettting on before Christmas this year.

    I think JeepJeep was contemplating Now or Wait til Christmas earlier this year. Wait till Christmas seems to be the right answer. Although those 65" and 58" Panny Deals with the Panny BluRay players were sweet at the beginning of November at

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    really hard to say this year. haven't heard much in the news about how sales are going. Aaron, you should go for that Sony TV PS3 bundle at Best Buy. Get one for me too.

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    I'm going to wait, I think, but before 2010 I'm going to get a new 50" TV to replace my old one. I'm not sure if it's better to get it now or see if Calfiornia goes 'sell happy' when the deadline approaches.

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    I'm looking for a smallish (22-24") tv, so I'm betting on after Christmas. I tend to buy open box returns, so I'm hoping some people will be returning their gifts.



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