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    Interview - Wireless Outdoor TV

    This is a discussion on Interview - Wireless Outdoor TV within the DTV | HDTV Chat forums, part of the Over-the-Air (Antenna TV) category.

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      Interview - Wireless Outdoor TV
      Joe Pantel of Surfside Concepts and Pantel Corp.

      Currently, Pantel TVs operate wirelessly over an 802.11a WIFI signal that is able to transmit both audio and video data up to 200-ft away. This technology eliminates the problems that would be incurred if it were necessary to have a hardwire connection between the cable boxes/DVD players and the television. That would simply defeat the purpose of having an outdoor TV because cable boxes and DVD players are not made to withstand the elements of the outdoors.

      The Pantel Outdoor Weatherproof TVs are made with powder-coated aluminum, which allows them to easily ventilate so that they don’t overheat and it prevents them from rusting as a result of bombardment by rain or any other moisture. The bottom line is that the elements that exist in an outdoor setting will cause our TVs no harm. The internal electronic components of our TVs are completely sealed off so that they are not brought into contact with the elements that could so easily damage an indoor television.
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      You were spamming the same crap over at AVSforum except you used the name tynaio.

      Interview - Wireless Outdoor TV - AVS Forum

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      Lol, I missed the other post, but I do find the concept of a wireless outdoor tv to be interesting. Everything else is wireless this day in age!


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