Twisting Radio Waves Could Give Us 100x More Wireless Bandwidth
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Twisting Radio Waves Could Give Us 100x More Wireless Bandwidth

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    Twisting Radio Waves Could Give Us 100x More Wireless Bandwidth

    But Italian astrophysicist Fabrizio Tamburini says a solution may lie in making better use of the frequencies already in use. In a recent paper, he demonstrated a potential way to squeeze 100 times more bandwidth out of existing frequencies.

    The idea is to twist radio waves like corkscrews and create multiple subfrequencies, distinguished by their degree of twistedness. Each subchannel carries discrete data sets. “You can tune the wave with a given frequency as you normally do, but there is also a fingerprint left by the twist,” Tamburini says. He and Swedish colleague Bo Thidé hit upon the approach while studying waves warped by the immense gravity of black holes. This past June, the scientists set up a custom dish in Venice and successfully broadcast video encoded in both twisted and normal radio waves across St. Mark’s Basin. (Note this type of wave-twisting is fundamentally different from the better-known circular polarization of light.)

    The next step is to design small, cheap smartphone antennas that can transmit and receive the warped signals.
    Twisting Radio Waves Could Give Us 100x More Wireless Bandwidth | Light | DISCOVER Magazine

    Just more evidence that the spectrum grab is bad policy! Of course, how about 100 TV signals broadcast on a single frequency? Or, 50 Blueray quality broadcasts on a single frequency?!! May the spectrum grabbers die on their own sword!!!

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    A VERY interesting concept, but whoever chose the photo for that article apparently didn't bother to read the article. What does a snarl of wires have to do with anything written?




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