Can ESPN be picked up without cable
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Can ESPN be picked up without cable

This is a discussion on Can ESPN be picked up without cable within the DTV | HDTV Chat forums, part of the Over-the-Air (Antenna TV) category.

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    Can ESPN be picked up without cable

    Can you get ESPN over an antenna or on your computer?

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    WatchESPN A.K.A. ESPN3 is available for people who use a participating ISP. It carries most of the college sports broadcast on ESPN. Often a local market Monday Night NFL game (or NFL network Thursday Night game) will be picked up by a local broadcaster. ESPN is the king of the cable model. Between $4-$5 of the typical cable bill goes directly to ESPN whether you watch it or not. They also benefit the multichannel service providers by being a reason for people to subscribe. Because of that, don't expect ESPN to be offered free, or as a stand alone product, until and unless "cord cutting" becomes much more prominent.



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