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    FCP won't recognize MXF files?

    This is a discussion on FCP won't recognize MXF files? within the DTV | HDTV Chat forums, part of the Over-the-Air (Antenna TV) category.

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      I am a film director and TV producer, and have shot some important interviews with a Canon XF100 camera, so the material is MXF. I am tried to edit about 25 interviews in FCP, why my FCP won't recognize it or cards?

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      I have been given a solution in other post, Apple clearly states that the XF series camcorders aren't currently supported by FCP and that it's in Canon's ballpark to provide a plugin to ingest those files. You can download an MXF plugin from here, the plugin will only works on Mac Lion system, if you have problem to install it, suggest you to try Pavtube MXF Converter as we have used it to convert MXF file to FCP format for a while. Anyway try both, and good luck.


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