Up to 20 Sub channels?
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Up to 20 Sub channels?

This is a discussion on Up to 20 Sub channels? within the DTV | HDTV Chat forums, part of the Over-the-Air (Antenna TV) category.

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    Up to 20 Sub channels?

    US Broadcaster KAXT Debuts Unprecedented Digital TV Service

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    Realize that's 12 video services and 10 audio services, with the audio services using significantly less bandwidth. I haven't heard many comments on the video quality.

    (And yes, I'm aware that totals 22; I'm going by what I heard from the owner.)

    - Trip

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    That one station would have more channels than all of OTA stations in AZ...or just about. Wonder how this will affect their PQ.

    KAXT is currently broadcasting 12 video channels and four audio channels and planning to add more audio services later.

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    I'll believe it when I see it.

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    All in 4:3 480i.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYCLA* View Post
    All in 4:3 480i.
    Next we'll see 40 subchannels at 240i.



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