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    No DTV signal - How do I get DTV?

    This is a discussion on No DTV signal - How do I get DTV? within the DTV | HDTV Reception and Antenna Discussion forums, part of the Over-the-Air (Antenna TV) category.

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      14 Dec 2008 last time I rcvd Fox in New Orleans area. 15 Dec they cut their analog signal. Late Feb I tried STB again and recvd locals CBS-1 channel, NBC-2 channels, ABC-1 channel, CW-1 channel, UPN-1 channel, and ION-4 channels, CBN-4 channels,Telemundo-1 channel, even though they were feathering in and out at least I had something. In late April I no longer rcvd, CBS,CBN,ION, and in May it got to the point where NBC and Telemundo,ABC and CW were feathering in and out. Starting the last week in May only NBC,ABC and CW but never able to watch a complete newscast or show due to signal weak. Using a digital antenna always produced no signal all stations. Throughout all this I've never thru this day rcvd using the STB, Fox, or any PBS stations nor our other Christian station. I've tried using an amplifer in line outdoor antenna, no signal at all, using the digital rabbit ears antenna produced no signal and rescanning has not helped. If whoever is going to ask for permission to increase transmitter power I feel this should've been accomplished prior to this fiasco. This is just my way of venting w/o being ugly.
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      Quote Originally Posted by soileau26 View Post
      This is just my way of venting w/o being ugly.
      No prob at all,

      Have you gone to and entered your address yet? You can post the results here by copying the link they provide you with or saving the image and uploading it here to your "Pictures and Albums" in your User CP at

      The results will help us determine how far away digital broadcast towers are from your house along with other valueable data. (Your address will not be posted on your results, and if you're uncomfortable with entering your physical address into, just enter your zip code or nearby street, city, and state)

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