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    Can trees affect TV antenna signal?

    This is a discussion on Can trees affect TV antenna signal? within the DTV | HDTV Reception and Antenna Discussion forums, part of the Over-the-Air (Antenna TV) category.

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      I have a bunch of trees in my backyard that are probably 20-30' tall. Every time a gust of wind comes along we lose reception on our NBC channel. My guess is that the wind is blowing the trees in the way of my reception. Is that possible?

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      Yes, trees can affect OTA TV reception but using the wrong antenna can also cause drop outs. I receive one channel 75 miles away and my antenna 'looks' through a 90 foot tall Cedar tree, 15 feet away from it.

      Please tell us what you have for an antenna.


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      And also, what real channel (not virtual display channel) is your NBC affiliate broadcast on?

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      Well, my latest experiences have made me agree that trees can affect your signal. I visited my cousin and her house was surrounded by huge trees. Of course, this made the scenery picturesque. However, this is not great for the signal of the antenna. Once she moved the antenna far from the trees, the signal improved significantly. It is common sense, but I am pointing out any way!!!
      The Game Is On!!!


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