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    Dallas, TX Reception

    This is a discussion on Dallas, TX Reception within the DTV | HDTV Reception and Antenna Discussion forums, part of the Over-the-Air (Antenna TV) category.

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      Having some problems in Texas. We were getting KTVT CBS 11 just fine before the end of July and now it seems to be gone. I know they haven't gone off the air because they still have their website up Dallas / Fort Worth news, weather, sports, traffic and video from

      Anyone help?

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      Like a number of other stations across the nation which moved back to VHF channel assignments after the analog shutoff in June, thousands of viewers complained about an inability to receive KTVT post-transition. The station then applied for permission to go back to its pre-transition DTV assignment, channel 19, which the FCC granted during the last week of July.

      Given that you lost the signal at pretty much the same time that KTVT got permission to switch channels, you should perform a channel scan on your converter box or tuner to re-capture their signal. You may wish to perform a "double re-scan," as follows, because some models have difficulty "forgetting" old channel assignments:

      • Detach the antenna cable from the back of the tuner.
      • Perform a channel scan. (If the tuner offers both "new" and "additional-channel" scans, choose the new scan.) The tuner shouldn't find any stations, which is what you want: This step wipes out the old channel assignments.
      • Once the scan is complete, unplug the tuner and wait at least five minutes. Plug it back in.

      • Re-attach the antenna cable, and then perform a second "new channels" scan.

      If you were getting DFW's CBS affiliate prior to about July 22 -- both before and after the June 12 DTV transition -- this process almost certainly should restore the station to your channel lineup. Let us know how everything turns out.

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      Don, here is a link to save some typing.
      The more I understand, the less I know.

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      I can't thank you gentleman enough. I had rescanned once, on the day of the transition thinking as was directed by one of the local channels, but I must of done it before they switched to the VHF format. Well it's working again after the scan and rescan this morning. Thank you.


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