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Where To Buy A TV Converter Box In 2014

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A digital converter box is important even in 2014 for people who previously received their television signal via an antenna. This box will take all of the over the air signals and turn them into a digital signal that can be recognized by your new television and open up your options for channels greatly. Finding them is a different story, depending on your needs, but there are a few options that you should think about if you are serious about making the switch.

What You Need
Essentially, you will only need a television and a converter box. These boxes come in a variety of types and sizes, with each offering something different, although you are essentially all doing the same thing. The most important thing, as always though, is to find the best product that is for your own particular situation.

The Program
In 2007 and 2008, the major digital switch was happening and the government set up a program to help people obtain converter boxes so that they could stay up to date. The program was discontinued in 2009, but you could previously obtain two coupons for $40 that would help you purchase a box on your own. Now you will have to look elsewhere.

Retail Stores
Retail stores sell converter boxes for about $40 and up. This includes sites like Amazon, along with stores like Best Buy, Radio Shack, and others.

Sites like Amazon are incredibly important, though, because they allow you to read a variety of reviews that will let you know the kinds of experiences that other people have already had with the particular model that you are looking at. In 2014, we have more access to reviews than at any other point in time, so use that to your advantage! Read both the positive and the negative and make the best decision.

In the store, for example Best Buy, you can also get similar help from people in the store. They sell a variety of converter boxes, but they are also trained in how to help people find exactly what they need. With that in mind, go in with knowledge of your television and the kinds of signals that you receive, and you can get a lot of help.

Buying Used
A lot of people recommend buying a used converter box from places like Craigslist and eBay. This is actually a great option because people are constantly upgrading their service and making it unnecessary to have a converter box anymore, allowing you to get a box for cheap.

The thing that you will have to keep in mind, though, is that you need to find out as much information as you can before you purchase a used converter box. Pay close attention to any details that might be listed to make sure that you are getting a high quality box that will help you get new signals, rather than a useless box that just sits on your shelf.

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