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    What other providers are available?

    This is a discussion on What other providers are available? within the Free-to-Air (FTA) forums, part of the All Other Cable and Satellite Providers category.

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      What other providers are available besides the one listed in the other categories. I would like to know if there are alternatives to these big companies.

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      SW Minnesota


      There is the C-band satellite services if you live at a place where you can put up a larger dish of 6 foot or more and programming is almost half price. Free To Air (FTA) satellite programming is also available. You can get FTA with a 30" dish and no matter where you live it is legal. For some of the satellites a 4 foot dish is better for some of the satellites with FTA if you are in the Northern states or in Canada.

      I am going to list some information about these services under "All Other Cable and Satellite Providers" within the next few days. That is if somebody else has not already done that. It could be here and I just have not found it yet.

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    but c-foot satellite providers are good in their service.i don't have any idea about fta.i heard it from my friends that c-foot has good quality and it is very cheap,but you can't get some channels


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