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    Duck Dynasty

    I just saw this show for the first time last night. I have downloaded and watched six in a row. I think they are hilarious and who cares if it is guided reality? It's just a fun show that is so farfetched you know it isn't 100% real but leaves you wondering how much of it might be real. With so much reality television out there nowadays, I love the fact that it isn't a backstabbing soap opera that reality tv has become.

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    For one thing, they seem like nice people and who cares if some of it is real or fake. Whoever started dissing the Robertson's is full of it. I'd like to see you say this stuff to their faces and see what happens.

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    Their show is hilarious, good clean fun. I'd much rather my teenager watches Duck Dynasty than any of the trashy shows out there! No need to tear a part how real or unreal different parts of the show are. We just sit back and enjoy the silliness of it all. Tv is tv and every reality show is exaggerated in one form or another.

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    I agree with most of the comments. It does have some tom foolery, Jack!!!! But who cares. It's for t.v. purposes only. Even though they have a fake winery and looked at houses that were not for sale. It does not change the real relationships they have on the show that seems genuine. That is why the public loves them. They are good humble ppl. Miss Kay doesn't have a big house and a chef kitchen, Uncle Si thinks that Shreveport is the big city, they turn the night lights on. It appears that Willie had a son outside of his marriage. Phil strive for his family not to be "yuppies" but hard working, live off the land with good morals. They don't flaunt $5000 handbags, $150000 cars. In fact Phil and Miss Kay lives in the same house for the last 40+ yrs. If you ask Phil you shouldn't have a cell phone. That's why in my opinion its the best show on tv now. Easy to relate to.

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    Reality shows aren’t literally real and this is an universal truth . Duck Dynasty is another fun show with a little plot of their own. The series was previously named “Duck Commander” in the Outdoor Channel. As long as the show is funny and you don’t get bored, why bother about real or fake? WWE is also a show where everything is preplanned, the fight and the result, don’t people watch it?

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    I think most of you on this sight are just a bunch of haters that don't have **** to do. Why pick good honest people apart. I have news for you ***** alot of people hunt and kill what they eat. I say ****************off and go watch Barney if this is really how you treat people that actually found a niche and made it work.

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    Show is fabricated

    The show is fake. I live in West Monroe where it takes place. The people and business is real...other than that, probably all else is fabricated. So far from what I have watched, the helicopter part and winery were fake. The winery does exist, but is owned by a man who moved here from down south. The most you can get from this show is our accent and scenery. Oh, we do drink a lot of sweet tea

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    Chair error

    Great show but even in the episode where the girls have a yard sale and sell Phil's chair, when the guys come home you see a white truck with the chair leaving, then when Phil is confronting Kay about it the white truck is parked in the background with the chair still in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dk2012 View Post
    For all you morons out there. Half of everything on tv is set up or fake. Duck commander is very real and yes those are the real employees. There are a few more employees that arent on tv but the business is real. The rest is just for tv!!
    Real or not, I love your show. It's hilarious! People are stupid to want everything they see on TV to be authentic to the core. It's called ENTERTAINMENT!

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    Reality vs Honesty

    I think they need to REMOVE the word "reality" from any title other than a real documentary...look the word FRAUD up in the dictionary and you will see what is truly offered to sell products under pretense. Remember when Bear was caught in a Hawiian hotel lobby when his reality show placed him in the wilderness. All hell broke loose and the producers were forced to place a disclaimer at the beginning of the show. Even the old BARBIE ads had to place a disclaimer telling costumers that the Barbie Doll could not really dance. To say a show is a "REALITY" SHOW implies what one sees is factual. Remember wrestling was "real" until the IRS stepped in and they openly admitted that it was entertainment and not real which placed them in a lower tax bracket. I work in the industry and my job is to create illusion, never once did i really say that set on stage was a real house and those people are actors and not a real family....

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    So reality is real and this garbage is fake reality.

    I swear. It's bad enough we all watch his crap, but now we're watching fake crap. Everything on tru tv is fake. Tru TVs version of locker auctions put me over the edge when one episode had "oger" from revenge of the nerds as a buyer. All this crap is so far fetched and poorly acted I get too irritated to watch.

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    Pauline H

    Who cares, true or untrue, it's bloody funny and I laugh so much I almost wet myself. At least here in Oz we can laugh regardless. Funny show.

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    Duck Dynasty: real Reality

    I am a avid duck hunter and use duck commander dont judge why dont you see how its like to make duck calls instead of rating tv shows

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    It's entertainment. I don't know any other show right now that preaches family values, keeping our kids kids, and basic goodness. I basically look at it as a slightly scripted comedy show. It's nice to see families that still have old fashion values that our grandparents had vs young 20's sleeping with everyone. And pregnant teenagers which I think 16 and pregnant is such an abomination MTV should be ashamed. They glorify pregnancy which influences young girls thinking maybe if I get pregnant I can get on the show. I like finally seeing a show real or not that has no bleeps of swearing, no gratuitous sex innuendos, no drug use, smoking, alcohol. Face it people this is the new sitcom. Notice there are no live audience shows anymore really or new sitcom shows you can sit with a family and watch. I mean besides this show I am reduced to watching Nick Jr or something similar and even Nick at night has teenagers dealing with sex, drugs etc etc and I'm just tired of it being forced in my kids face all the time. I'm perfectly capable of talking to my daughters about sex, drugs etc and I have. So I don't need it constantly in their face glorifying. Which is why I like this show.

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    In the episode where Willie gets the bill got Sadie's text messages, they are saying "good morning"to each other and he is eating breakfast, but Sadie's phone shows that it is 2:27.It had to be in the afternoon because the sun is out.I still love the show, but it was disappointing.

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    Good stuff.

    Of course there is staging. But I actually know folks like this. Funny funny.

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    Totally real business but, it's on TV guys...come on!

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    I met my boilogical famile when I was 40 years old and they are like te Robinsons. I feel like I am watching my family videos. Of course they are set up and staged but I think the episode back ground comes from things that have happened in the past!

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    Wrong choice of words

    Sry, but read your typing before you call someone (physically disabled)

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    stop haters


    Fake or not you guys just disappointed cause their on tv having fun living life and your not if you don't like it don't watch you have control of your remote!

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