Question: DTV reception booster?
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DTV reception booster?

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    DTV reception booster?

    AAARRRRGGGGG. i dont think i have ever been so aggravated in my life! i just spent a good 2 hours slowly rotating the antenna around in my window trying to find the optimum place for reception. i dropped it by accident and got a clear reception for about 1 1/2 seconds but now i cant find that single miraculous spot again! and i have to move and tape it into a new place every time i change the channel. "better picture better sound" HA!

    but on a less ranty note: i live in a mobile home and the box said that if you have aluminum siding you have to put it in a window. since i live in a tin can, surrounded by tin cans, is there ANYTHING i can do, or am i basically screwed?

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    It sounds like you live in a difficult location for OTA reception because your neighborhood is 'a house of mirrors' for the TV signals. The best chance you have to overcome that problem is by using an outdoor antenna.

    Please go to the TV Fool website, plug in your address and the maximum possible antenna height you can have above ground. Post the resulting URL here and for security, the website will automatically conceal your address. With that information, we can tell you the stations you are apt to be able to receive and what you should try as an antenna.

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