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    Best HDTV with internet options?

    This is a discussion on Best HDTV with internet options? within the Television Sets (Flat Panel, DLP, CRT) forums, part of the Home Theater category.

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      I'm looking for a HDTV that's capable of getting Netflix, Hulu, or other streaming services but it has to have WiFi because I can't bring a wired connection to it from my router.

      Also, how good is WiFi for streaming TV? I remember using WiFi to stream to my XBox 360 like 4 years ago and it wasn't so great.

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      Samsung. I love our 60"

      Wifi is ok. Streaming from the Internet uses not much bandwidth. I've seen as high as 10mbps but n wifi with a strong signal can handle that easily.
      Ryan, N2RJ

      Extra class certified antenna NUT


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