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    Default 1958 Flat Screen CRT

    Here is a blog of an article from the Jan. 1958 Popular Mechanics Issue. It is about a CRT flat screen made in 1958. Here is the blog article.
    Flat Screen TV in 1958
    Here is a more recent interview in 2009 with the inventor of that 1958 CRT flat-screen-TV.
    Oral-History:William Ross Aiken - GHN: IEEE Global History Network

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    "BECAUSE OF NEW TECHNIQUES in the field of electronics, airplane instrument panels and home television sets may soon have something in common -- a rectangular picture tube less than three inches thick."

    hehe, what are we down to for flat panel thickness these days? Less than an inch?

    I wonder what TV is going to look like in 50 years. My bet is on holograms.

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    I was promised a hovercraft. I want my hovercraft!

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