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    Default Over-The-Air statistics for homeowners in the U.S.

    Nielsen Media Research said as of July that there are about 13.4 million television households in the U.S. that receive their programming over the air only, about 12 percent of all homes with TVs. In Wilmington, the total is 15,110, or 8.4 percent.
    The above quote is from http://www.mercurynews.com/nationworld/ci_10572160

    Is this right?!?! Only 12 percent of Americans get their television signals through antenna? If that's true, I think my family accounts for probably 1% of that total. lol. Seriously, it's not that they can't afford cable or satellite television, they just choose not to "waste" their money on it.

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    Some interesting statics to add to this from: TVNEWSDAY - 43% OF OFF-AIR HH WANT FREE TV AFTER TRANSITION

    Roughly 43 percent of over-the-air households indicated they would buy a converter box or purchase a digital TV between now and when the transition takes effect Feb. 17, 2009, compared to 12 percent who would sign up for a cable or satellite service, the survey found.

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    Sparks, from that article, it says that 43% of current over-the-air television consumers are going to purchase a converter box from that article? But, following that statistic, the article notes that only 12% of consumers are going to updrage to pay TV. I wonder what the remaining 45% are going to do? Sounds like a good chance for the cable and satellite TV service industry to add a lot of subscribers.

    I've noticed an increase in online advertising from Cox, Time Warner, and Direct TV on google over the past week or so. I'm guessing as the transition date (February 17th, 2009) gets closer, we can expect to see a major spike for TV commercials and web advertising from these companies as well, which, according to that article, is a good reason to do so.

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