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    Default Is MeTV off the air?

    I can't seem to find MeTV anywhere on my channels. Was it taken off the air? I hope not, I watched it all of the time.

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    I am currently watching MeTV showing an episode of Remington Steele from KVOS-12 (35) 75 miles away.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    I can't seem to find MeTV anywhere on my channels. Was it taken off the air? I hope not, I watched it all of the time.
    Do you know what local station was (or is) carrying MeTV? There are several reasons that MeTV might be taken off your local Comcast. Lack of a carriage agreement with the local affiliate, or the local affiliate dropping it, are two possiblities. If Comcast isn't carrying it, but the station still carries it, it may still be available free over the air with an antenna.
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    Default MeTV in Dallas.Ft Worth area

    We are sorry that MeTV Network programming will no longer be seen in the Dallas television market via KTXD.

    We hope to announce a new outlet soon. In the meantime, we thank our MeTV fans for your patience and understanding.

    For those viewers who have AT&T U-verse:

    MeTV is happy to announce that AT&T U-verse will begin carrying the Network on a 24/7 basis on Channel 136. The projected start date is Friday November 8th 2013. We anticipate additional Dallas affiliation announcements in the near future. Thank you to all our fans in the Big D for your support!

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    I know here in eastern PA we a broadcast company (WFMZ) that has several channels on Fios. MeTV is one of those. I love it. Too bad if you are losing it. There are a couple of retro channels out there-right?

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