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    Default RCA ANT751R Questions

    Just how directional is the RCA ANT751R, and does anyone know how well it holds up to bad weather like snow, sleet, and rain?

    I've done my home work, and think the ANT751R is the best choice for me but may need a rotor depending on how wide of range the ANT751R has.

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    Here is my tvfool report TV Fool

    I get all of the LOS stations with excellent signal quality. I also am receiving WBTW from Florence SC

    I am using the ant751R aimed at 64 degrees magnetic
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    OP, post your TV fool, and let us know if there are any "must haves".

    Determining how wide your beamwidth needs to be isnt necessarily as simple as the numerical figure.

    If the ANT751R isnt up to the task, we may be able to recommend something more suited
    nbound-au is a qualified Antenna, Satellite, and MATV installer.

    I live in DVB-T land.

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