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    Default Is there a jailbreak for the Roku like Apple TV?

    Is there any software that can jailbreak the Roku? Would be nice if there was at least a built-in browser or something.

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    As far as i know, there is no unofficial software for the Roku.

    Thus a jailbreak doesnt make sense.

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    There isn't a jailbreak for the Roku, but there are a couple of things you can do to hack the device a bit.

    Playon.tv - There's a one time subscription cost for playon but it really opens the doors for content availability and usability of the Roku.

    You can also set your Roku to stream media from your computer by setting up a webserver. Instructions here: Hack Your Streaming Set-Top Box | TechHive

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    As suggested, there's PlayOn, ($) and free scripts and plugins for it, as well as PLEX (free). There is also a free channel from PlayOn called "My Media" that lets you serve media from your computer. All require you to run server software on a computer on your network. There are also some apps for android and i-devices that let you control your Roku over your network.

    But a direct hack to run a different OS, or a web browser, NO.

    I use both PlayOn (worth every penny for Hulu free and YouTube alone!) and Plex, as well as a number of "private" channels for my Roku.

    Here's a blog post on the subject:
    Cache Free TV: What Can You Do With a Roku?

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    Default Problem with PlayOn subscription

    I signed up for the lifetime PlayOn subscription but now it's asking for my provider login for most of the channels and the ones it doesn't I could have gotten on the Roku without PlayOn. What am I missing here? That doesn't help me "cut the chord" with satellite or cable.

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    YES Go to YouTube

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