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  1. Reviewing the First Two Episodes of Grand Tour Nation

    Nearly every gearhead (petrolhead for you in the UK) has some familiarity with the long-running BBC program Top Gear. Based around the on-air chemistry of automotive journalists Jeremy Clarkson, Richard ...
  2. Down the Memory Hole

    Some nights, you know that you are just not going to be a productive member of society. The easiest way known to man to affirm this decision is to start watching YouTube videos and simply let your appetite ...
  3. Fred for the People

    You should watch this video so you can understand the rest of the article:


    As a guy who writes about whatever I think are interesting ...
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  4. When Will an NFL Team Have Nothing Left to Lose and Turn the Option Loose?

    In political science, states are sometimes described as the “laboratoires of democracy.” The 50 individual states can try out “experimental” public policies that will then diffuse to other states or, ...
  5. Nope, Brock Osweiler Doesn't Look Like a Franchise QB

    I've been able to watch three of the Texans' games so far this season, including Sunday's mess of a contest and, a preliminary judgment on Brock Osweiler can be made: he's not "the guy." ...
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