• Susan Sarandon, Maggie Smith , Jane Lynch, Courtney Cox Nominated for WIN Awards

    Women's Network ImageThe 2011 Women's Image Network (WIN) Awards will be honoring some big names come January 18. The WIN organization has presented these honors since 1993, awarding recognition in 13 categories which "create dimensional female media images which shape positive public opinion about the value of women and girls."

    Several well known names have been nominated for the awards, including Susan Sarandon and Maggie Smith for actress in a mini-series, Jane Lynch, Courtney Cox, and Cheryl Hines for actress in a comedy series, and Jada Pinkett Smith and Chloë Sevigny for actress in a dramatic series.

    Oscar winner Elizabeth Taylor, is being honored for her "artistic genius and her HIV/AIDS activism" according to Phyllis Stuart, WIN's founder. The altruistic activist is being given the Living Legend title.

    Taylor is no stranger to television, either. Though most today might recognize her for her White Diamonds perfume commercials (filmed many years ago, however), she has done an occasional guest spot on quite a few series over the years as well as having done several TV movies and even the North and South Book II mini-series. The Simpsons fans also boast of her pivotal voicing of Maggie Simpson's first spoken word.

    Full nominations can be found here.
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