• The Yule Log Is Back - On Several Channels This Year

    The televised Yule Log has become an unlikely holiday tradition, after all it’s merely a simple filmed loop of a fireplace blazing with Christmas carols playing over it.

    The Yule Log got its start in 1966 as a three-hour Christmas Eve telecast on WPIX in New York City. The ratings were enormous and other stations around the country duped the WPIX footage or created their own cathode Yule Logs. WPIX upgraded the crackling fireplace footage in 1970 but dropped the holiday treat in 1989. It was deemed too old fashioned and being commercial free didn't help the station's bottom line.

    After the attacks of September 11th happened two area residents, Joseph Malzone and Lawrence "Chip" Arcuri ,thought the return of the Yule Log was just what the city needed to brighten up the holidays. WPIX went along with the idea, digitally remastered the 1970 footage and the tune in numbers were astounding. It's been a yearly tradition since and Chicago's WGN joined in with their own proprietary broadcast in 2008.

    This year, for the first time, many cable systems are showing the Yule Log in 3D, in addition to High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) - available for free via Video On Demand (VOD) for cable subscribers on Cablevision, Comcast, Cox Communications, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks.

    To view the iN DEMAND 3D Yule Log you'll need a 3D TV with compatible 3D glasses and an HD set-top box connected according to the system specs. HD offerings were filmed with HD-cameras and are presented in 1080i picture and 5.1 sound. The 3D version was produced by Offhollywood Digital using Red 1 cameras and an Element Technica 3D rig.


    Comcast – For SD: Top Picks/Holiday Films & More/Yule Log & More; Top Picks/Yule Log & More For HD: Top Picks/Holiday Films & More/Yule Log & More; Top Picks/Yule Log & More HD For 3D: 3D/Special Events; HD On Demand/3D/Special Events; Top Picks/Holiday Films & More/Yule Log 3D; Top Picks/Yule Log 3D

    Cox Communications – For SD: FreeZone/Yule Log; FreeZone/Top Picks/Yule Log For HD: FreeZone/Top Picks/Yule Log HD; FreeZone/FreeZone HD/Yule Log HD For 3D: FreeZone/3D/Events/Yule Log 3D

    Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks – For SD: Free Movies On Demand – Yule Log category For HD: HD Showcase channel. –Yule Log HD, For 3D: Find it along with HD on the HD Showcase channel, in these 2 categories: 3D; Yule Log HD

    Cablevision – TVE/Holiday Videos (SD only)

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    1. Fringe Reception's Avatar
      Fringe Reception -
      KCPQ-13.1 in the Seattle area is currently showing The Yule Log. (7 AM until 10 AM PST).

      It is also being televised on KZJO-22.1 from 9 AM until Noon.
    1. MrPogi's Avatar
      MrPogi -
      I make my own Video Yule log at home.
    1. Tim58hsv's Avatar
      Tim58hsv -
      WBQC 25.1 showed it Christmas morning. I thought it was kind of cool but my daughter changed the channel. 'sigh'
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