• Emmy Winning Actor and 'Star Trek' Commodore, William Windom Has Died

    For six decades, actor William Windom was a highly recognized and respected actor in film and television. Sadly, Windom passed away on Thursday, August 16, a result of congestive heart failure. According to the New York Times, the 88-year-old was at his home in Woodacre, California at the time of his death.

    William Windom Star TrekOne of Windom's most remembered roles was on the original Star Trek series where he played Commodore Matt Decker. The episode, The Doomsday Machine, had a dramatic showdown between Decker and Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) over who was in control of the Enterprise while Captain Kirk (William Shatner) was stranded on another ship. After Kirk intervened over the radio, Decker eventually backed down, only to steal a shuttlecraft in an attempt to destroy the entity he was obsessed with. Years later, in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the character was recalled when Decker's son, Will, played by Stephen Collins, became the new captain of the Enterprise.

    Windom earned a best acting Emmy for the series, The Farmer's Daughter in the sixties. He also starred in the critically acclaimed My World and Welcome to It in which he played a character based on humorist, James Thurber. In addition, for over a decade he appeared on Angela Lansbury's show, Murder, She Wrote, playing kindly town doctor Seth Hazlitt.

    His last role was in a short called Just which was done in 2006. He played Grandpa Winkle.

    Though married four times before, Windom's marriage to Patricia Veronica Tunder was lasting. They wed in 1975 and had one child together. Windom also leaves behind three other children from his other marriages.

    William Windom appeared in hundreds of roles, performing in several series multiple times. His legacy will surely be remembered by entertainment fans everywhere.
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