• Pac-12 Network: No Deal Between DirecTV and PAC-12 Expected "Anytime Soon"

    According to Pac 12 Commissioner Larry Scott, a deal with DirecTV looks far off at this time.

    Pac-12 Network LogoScott was at CenturyLink Field last Thursday night, where he said that there is no evidence of an agreement being reached "anytime soon". Last week's football game between USC and California was only carried by a small number of local companies, namely Suddenlink, Cox Cable Communications, Time Warner Cable, and DISH. Earlier this week, Scott said that he remains optimistic that Pac-12 viewers will put more pressure on DirecTV, eventually forcing the satellite provider to agree to a convenient deal.

    Pac 12 issued an online open letter to the fans where they said they share the general disappointment with DirecTV's stance, but also deconstructed some of DirecTV's arguments for stalling discussions. Pac 12 claims that the deal they're offering is fundamentally similar to the deals that have already been accepted by over 40 companies nation-wide, including DISH, and that it is "baffling" that a major carrier like DirecTV is reluctant to accept it on the grounds that many of the Pac-12 games aren't of interest. In closing, the letter urged fans to look for a different carrier in case Pac-12 and DirecTv cannot settle on a deal.

    If an agreement is not met soon, sports fans are going to miss out on 20 highly anticipated conference football games that will air on Pac 12 networks, but also a range of in depth analyses, previews and basketball games that air each week.

    According to some industry analysts, part of the reason why DirecTV is reluctant to agree to a deal may have something to do with a shakeup that occurred recently in the company's corporate structure. Former Executive Vice President for Content Strategy and Development, Derek Chang, announced his intention to resign last summer, and is expected to leave the company by the end of the year.

    Larry Scott also announced that the issues surrounding DirecTv do not hinder agreements with AT&T U-verse, Verizon FiOS and Charter, adding that Pac 12 Networks have "individual deals" with each company.
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