• DirecTV Vs Pac-12 Fued Continues as College Football Fans Seek Alternatives

    The feud between Pac-12 and DirecTV has disappointed more than a few television consumers, who are now looking for solutions to view their favorite Pac-12 programs. Pac-12 has already encouraged college football fans to switch to a new carrier, especially since DISH, and a few other local carriers, continue to offer Pac-12 programs.

    Pac-12 Now iPhone and iPad AppUnfortunately, for the time being, Pac-12 games and programs can only be watched by having a pay TV subscription to Pac-12 partners, which includes Bend Broadband, Bright House Networks, Canby Telco, Comcast, Cox, Crestview Cable, DISH FiOS TV from Frontier, Ranch Murieta, Suddenlink, TCT West, Time Warner Cable, and various over-the-air local broadcasters.

    It is also possible to use the newly developed "Pac-12 Now" app for the iPhone and iPad to watch games. The app streams live college sports video directly to your Apple device, regardless of your location. The app also allows Pac-12 fans to read interesting stats or watch events that do not make it to TV (estimated to be around 1,500), though it must be noted that users of the app must have a subscription to an approved pay TV provider before they can access programming on the app.

    Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott is also appearing to be much less optimistic this time, than he was at the last two Pac-12 Conferences, when he said he still had hopes that an agreement with DirecTV was going to be reached soon. Last Thursday night, Scott was present at the Arizona State-Oregon football game and was able to provide some insight into the state of negotiations with DirecTV.

    Scott said that DirecTv "have dug in their heels", and that he sees no reason to be optimistic that the issue can be resolved any time soon. The Pac-12 Commissioner also blamed DirecTV for not listening to consumer pleas. According to Pac-12, over 80,000 people have written complaints to DirecTV, about not being able to watch their favorite college sports game, but DirecTV has ignored them all. Scott offered two alternatives to disgruntled fans: either switch to DISH or some other carrier that offers Pac-12.

    DirecTV, however, has released far less statements, concluding that they would be willing to sign a deal with Pac-12 Networks, at a convenient price. However, Pac-12 offered them the same kind of deal that they have already made with DISH and other carriers, and argued that it wouldn't be fair to them to give DirecTV preferential treatment.
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