Farewell to 'Harry's Law' and Kathy Bates' Crusty Character

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NBC just canceled Harry's Law, a blow to all of us who value solid drama without an abundance of violence, swearing, and sex.

The series starred Kathy Bates as Harriet Korn, a rather sarcastic woman who originally had lost her passion for the law. Fired from her lawyer's position at a large firm, Harry found herself opening up her own law firm in, of all places, a shoe store. Even better, it was located in not the best part of town. This put Harry in touch with some unusual clients who actually were a big part of restoring her passion for the law.

Harry's Law Kathy BatesFrom David E. Kelley, Harry's Law was almost canceled after its first year. However, since NBC passed on another of Kelley's shows, they kept this drama on the air as an appeasement of sorts. Changes were made in the cast, and Harry's firm grew, moving upstairs from the shoe store.

The thing about Harry's Law that amazed me were the plots, some of which were shocking, riveting, and poignant. Unlike Perry Mason, Harry didn't win them all. In fact, she sometimes found herself evolving as she faced her own choices in life, fighting for or against something she wasn't sure she believed in.

There was a great case that took on football and whether or not it should be allowed to continue for children and teenagers considering the growing number of injuries and deaths that occur due to participation in the sport. Another tackled the case of a gorilla, lonely as he is imprisoned in a zoo without any other gorillas around for company. Trust me, that show was tear worthy and had the crusty Harriet Korn on the verge of a tear herself, which just does not happen. Then there was the woman victimized by her ex-husband who continued to stalk her and her daughter. Unable to get help from the police, she rigged her door with a gun, put up a sign to warn the husband not to come in, and went to bed. The next thing you know, he's dead, only the woman tells one of Harry's lawyers that she didn't load the gun. Then who did?

There was only the mildest hint of sex on Harry's Law. There was a hip lawyer who was flirtatious and another more shy attorney who was putty in just about any female's hand, and there was the more forward woman who gave a colleague a bit of same sex teasing, but it was limited in scope compared to what is often seen.

Oftentimes, at the end of Harry's Law, you were spellbound, sad, shocked, surprised, happy, and appalled. As I said, Harry did not win them all. The gorilla was sent back to the zoo, leaving animal lovers weeping. The parents of the dead football player lost their day in court, and the sport went on. That is part of what made this show so gripping. Happy endings sometimes were given, but sometimes were not. When the verdict was read, viewers were in anticipation. You never knew what was going to happen next.

It just feels so wrong that this show, which I loved but didn't always like, is now off the canvas. It seems the good dramas that challenge our opinions without blood, gore, and sex rarely have a chance.

Farewell, Harry.
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  1. Unregistered's Avatar
    Wish it was returning, nice comedy drama.
  2. Unregistered's Avatar
    I've set up a Facebook Page to promote the resurrection of Harry's Law. Anyone with an interest in promoting a renewal for Harry's Law, come join our Facebook Page and let's get this series back on Television!

    Save Harry's Law | Facebook
  3. Roseofaustin's Avatar
    Just watched today's episode sick of the liberal agenda and the cramming down our throats of the gay agenda. You have to ruin good shows with your liberal views on everything. Sick of Hollywood and movie stars standing on their soap boxes. I can,t wait got this political correctness crap to be passé farewell Harry,s law
  4. Orrymain's Avatar
    Every show has its detractors, and a lot of shows do have soap boxes. I don't disagree that Harry's Law had its share of those moments, but the shows got you to think and often didn't go in a predictable path. I'm definitely going to miss it.
  5. jeanc`'s Avatar
    It is a tragedy to see a quality tv series cancelled. What is NBC thinking putting such a stirring, thought provoking program off the hair in a time when we are inundated with such trivial nonsense. Shame on them, I hope they correct this mistake!
  6. Unregistered's Avatar
    Harry's Law felt like a comfortable old robe or pair of slippers. The cast was great ( Kathy Bates is terrific) and we looked forward to every show. Felt sick when notice of cancellation was posted. So sick of all the "reality" shows that keep popping up. This is/was an adult show that made you think and was aimed at those that had "substance" between their two ears.
  7. Orrymain's Avatar
    Part of what I liked was that it did make you think but at the same time it usually had enough level drama that it didn't give you a headache in the thinking department.
  8. Unregistered's Avatar
    Please Please do not take this great show off the air. It is one of the best on the air. If NBC does not want it anymore how about a cable channel? Please someone pick up this great show with a very good cast.
  9. Unregistered's Avatar
    I hope the hapless and hopeless YUTZ producers at NBC take the time to read these posts. YOU ARE CANCELING one of the best, truly well-written dramatic TV series to have come along in a long time. The plots were riveting, topical, often comical and at once always thought-provoking. I hated but loved it that the wonderfully controversial character, Harry Korn that Kathy Bates so masterfully portrayed was a Libertarian! She was a Republican that even a Liberal Democrat like myself could relate to! So what will replace this stellar drama that was on a par with Boston Legal? Another lame-ass talent show? How about another declasse reality show? HARRY'S LAW was classy, realistic, intelligent and unique! No wonder it got canceled when tv today is largely classless, hapless, stupid and imitative!
  10. Unregistered's Avatar
    Why in Gods name would you cancel this GREAT show??? Kathy Bates is the best thing since microwave ovens, electric cars...Every time some of us older viewers get something good to watch you cancel it....Some of us, older then 50 love this kind of show, the younger viewers are never home to watch it anyways...come on NBC, get it together!!!!
  11. DaveLawson's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jeanc`
    It is a tragedy to see a quality tv series cancelled. What is NBC thinking putting such a stirring, thought provoking program off the hair in a time when we are inundated with such trivial nonsense. Shame on them, I hope they correct this mistake!
    I totally agree with you... This has been one of the most enjoyable seasons shows I have sen in a long time.
  12. openminded's Avatar
    I think the show should stay on to make you react, have some thoughts, discuss, believe, disbelieve, be outraged, happy, sad or whatever it may do for you. To remove a show because it touches on agendas you don't like is a shame.
    You can choose to watch Idol or Dancing if you don't want to think about anything...
  13. midomidi2013's Avatar
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