Down the Memory Hole

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Some nights, you know that you are just not going to be a productive member of society. The easiest way known to man to affirm this decision is to start watching YouTube videos and simply let your appetite for nostalgia suck the hours away. That's what happened to me tonight when I started binging the "retro" videos the folks at MotorWeek have put up.

Depending on your age, you, like me, might have spent your youth transitioning from Saturday morning cartoons to watching MotorWeek religiously, well before you could drive, but as soon as you were old enough to start putting Countach posters on your wall. I watched every week for a chance to see video footage of the cars that I had read about in Car and Driver or bought some little Matchbox toy of. The show still holds up reasonably well, with a little bit of industry news, some tips from mechanic Pat Goss and, most importantly, instrumented tests of cars. Not just the fast ones, mind you, they tested everything, including the 17.2 0-60 Suzuki Samurai. No, that's not a quarter mile time, that's to 60mph, seventeen painful seconds. But, that's not that out of line for early '80's cars which were crippled by new emissions laws car companies had yet to figure out how to overcome and engines that were still pushing fuel economy over performance as the manufacturers had yet to retool after gas prices started to come down.

So, enjoy this retro vid where brutally slow "muscle cars" duel it out. The oversteering Camaro driven by the guy with the relief pitcher mustache is just pure gold. Be glad we're living in a golden age of horsepower, folks and have some laughs.


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    Sorry to bust in here, new guy. can't figure out why everytime I click on a forum such as "converter boxes" etc. I get this:

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    Any help?
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