A&E's Duck Dynasty: "Reality" or "Scripted Reality"?

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There is a lot of speculation surrounding the show Duck Dynasty, and whether it is in fact "real" as the term "reality" in "reality show" would suggest.

So, is Duck Dynasty fake?

As pointed out in an article published on Telegraph.co.uk, "Duck Dynasty is a 'scripted reality' show," but what does that mean exactly?

A scripted reality TV show is a show in which real people behave and talk normally, i.e. doesn't have to remember full lines, but are placed into situations that are 'scripted' or pre-arranged by the producers. In other words, the "stars" are behaving as they would normally in a given situation, even if that situation is slightly (or completely) manufactured. Some might suggest that all reality TV is "scripted reality TV," and just called "reality TV" for short.

So, based on that definition, and if Duck Dynasty falls in the category of "scripted reality," does that make the show fake? The answer to that really depends on how you define the word fake. I think that, with the assumption that the back story and the personalities are real, and if one considers the show entertaining, to me personally, I find this point moot, but that's just me. Let's take a look at what others are saying.

First, let's look at a response made by Jase Robertson on his Facebook timeline regarding whether or not Duck Dynasty is staged. With questions regarding the "reality" factor of his "reality show," Jase replied "the show is highlights of our lives. We are not actors. When you edit things into 22 minutes some of it may seem a bit staged. It is about our faith, family, facial hair and meant to be fun."

Comments on whether Dynasty Ducks is fake, pulled from Deadline.com.

Hey! Duck Dynasty is the best show on TV. It's real family with real family values; that's what matters. It makes my family, "Happy, happy, happy." I can't wait for the movie.
Never seen a show so fake. Everything about this show is scripted and played out.
In a forum post at DTVUSAForum.com a user describes a situation where the winery that the Robertson's supposedly purchased, but wasn't for sale.

The Robertsons are real and the Duck Commander company is real. But practically everything else is FAKE. The winery does exist here in Ouachita parish but it isn't for sale.
Despite people hitting up the Facebook pages of the cast asking about the show's level of reality, and despite the forums, blogs and answer sites across the web being bombarded with the question "Is Duck Dynasty fake?", and the fact that nearly everyone smelled 'foul' immediately after the first episode of the first season, people were hooked. The boasted viewership of the season finale of 2012 being 6.5 million viewers, and the fact that networks records for three demographics were shattered, showed clear indication of that. The hype surrounding the upcoming 3rd season is further indication that it really matters not whether it is real or fake, it is entertaining. People like it, people learn from it, the show invokes emotion, and the people that watch it, get something from it. Not necessarily the same thing but they are getting some entertainment value from it, some emotions are being triggered that they crave, or else they simply wouldn't be watching it.

Look for season 3 of Duck Dynasty to begin on Wednesday, Feb 27th.
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