Netflix launches $100000 contest for best cloud computing developers

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Developers that can make the world of cloud computing better in terms of reliability, security, and overall feature set might get part of the $100,000 reward being offered by Netflix.

Netflix StreamingCloud computing isn't where it needs to be and is still considered by many, including Netflix's chief product officer, Neil Hunt to be an "emerging" technology.

So, in order to bring the cloud technology to a new level, Netflix is making it more attractive to developers with a $100,000 reward.

Moving to the "cloud" in 2009 with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Netflix considers itself one of the pioneers in cloud computing. It is an important part of the streaming giant's business and would like it to be more reliable to avoid concern about the technology infrastructure, and allow more focus on customer satisfaction.

Much of Netflix's technology is in the AWS cloud including web searches, movie transcoding, members' movie lists, and their recommendation system.

10 prize categories

The $100,000 prize will be divided into 10 different categories. Among the independent judges there will be chief scientist of Thoughtworks Martin Fowler, CTO of Amazon, Werner Vogels, Simon Wardley (who often speaks of the 'cloud' and why it matters), Senior Vice President of Telx Joe Weinman, Netflix Cloud vice president Yury Izrailevsky, among others.

More than just cash prizes ($10k for each category), Netflix is also offering: a Vegas trip, $5,000 worth of AWS credit, plus an invite to the Amazon Web Services Re:Invent Conference in November.

Contest winners will be announced in October. The contest is underway, having started on March 13th, and running up until September 15th this year.

Netflix's goal with cloud computing

It's interesting what the goal is here. Is it to move away from AWS, or is it to improve upon and merge with Amazon in the cloud computing space?

Maybe it is working to build from the ground up and be the fore runner, as developers are required to build from Netflix's open-source code.

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