Crowdfunding helps TV show 'Veronica Mars' to big screen; Industry game changer?

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"There were a few minutes of nothing happening," said Rob Thomas, creator of Veronica Mars. "Then in an hour, watching that ticker go was mesmerizing. I had an attention span of, like, four seconds because everything on my computer screen I wanted to look at at the same time. The Twitter feed was going crazy, the emails were going crazy and then watching that Kickstarter total go up."

Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter

Thomas is of course making reference to a Kickstarter campaign launched to bring Veronic Mars, a TV series that saw three seasons, to the big screen.

In less than 11 hours the goal of $2 million was reached. As of this writing, the total sits at $3,885,603 and counting, with 59,713 backers and 17 days left to go in the campaign. [Watch it update in real time]

What's different about this campaign compared to other film-related campaigns of past on Kickstarter is that Veronica Mars is a studio project, owned by Warner Bros.

Great rewards are being offered for donations, including a download of the movie, a T-shirt, and a copy of the script for those that donate at the $35 level. For his/her $10,000 donation, the backer will get a one-line speaking part in the film as a waiter/waitress.

How The Veronica Mars Kickstarter Campaign Affects The Film Industry by Sheri Candler

In the video below Sheri Candler talks a bit about where the film industry is going in light of the huge success with the Veronica Mars movie social-funding campaign.

She suggests that it might be a good idea to look at ways to create films with lower budgets, and how celebrities can leverage their existing power to help fund social campaigns via the Internet.

She feels "that the days of having multi-million billion dollars rushing in to entertainment is shrinking and shrinking and shrinking."

Candler cautions that perhaps celebrities should consider this new way of doing things, and think more like "entrepreneurs" sooner rather than later, and get their own thing going "before it all crashes to the ground."
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