Xbox One's Killer App: PlayCast by PlayOn

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No doubt, the Xbox One is a solid performer as a video game console with bonus media capabilities like being able to watch Netflix or play music from Pandora.


For those looking for a way to broadcast videos from your PC to your TV set, adding PlayCast from PlayOn.TV will open up a whole new world for you. Not only in terms of watching PC hosted videos, PlayCast can broadcast online web content to your Xbox One as well.

PlayCast by PlayOn for Xbox One

For a one year subscription, PlayOn retails for $39.99 or if you choose the lifetime subscription, a one-time fee of $69.99 is well worth the cost, especially if you have multiple devices you can load the PlayOn app to. Your purchase is also backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.

The first of its kind for the Xbox One, users are able to cast external online videos from their PC with the PlayOn browser. In High Definition.

Here are a few options for PlayOn subscription holders to watch videos from their PC or mobile device.

- Immediate broadcast: From the PlayOn browser a user can immediately begin broadcasting video from a website to their Xbox One.

- PlayMark Bookmark: Users can bookmark videos and watch them later. Users can backlog a bunch of bookmarks and select them all for continuous feeds of content.

- RecordTo: Users with the PlayLater subscription can use the RecordTo feature, allowing them to select shows on the PlayOn mobile app to watch later on Xbox One.

PlayOn has been available on the Roku, Xbox 360, and Chromecast for some time now. With availability on the Xbox One being added, PlayOn is poised to dominant the streaming market as the must-have app for most popular streaming devices.
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