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    Joining antennas for UHF

    I joined two antennas. One high gain lava-230 and a phillips/Zenith local range aerial. The lava was pre-amped and the Philips was not. Joined the lava into a power passing 2 way splitter and joined the other antenna to the blocked side. It worked but I lost one local channel because the...
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    Just tested the lava-230 and was pleased at what This antenna is. It is identical to the Triax digi-343. same specs and same design. I am receiving Wbgu dt-27 from Bowling Green,Ohio. A distance of 58 miles.I am at zip 46825. Antenna is 30 feet above the ground and using a winegard HD-269...
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    Disturbing fact on c-2 aerial

    The design of the Antennas direct aerial is not a new or a miracle breakthrough in design. In fact it is a similar design of an antenna made in the mid-sixties. I have contacted antennas Direct and called and no return replies.The c-2 is a design of an antenna called the Figure 8. This antenna...