ATL Royals

First Name: Fred
Relationship status: Committed relationship
Hometown: Kansas City
Education: MBA
Religious Views: Evangelical Christian (I try not to be in-your-face about it, but I'm also open about it)
Political Views: Nominally libertarian in most things (aka "classical liberal," e.g. Jefferson, Locke, Coolidge); nominally conservative on foreign policy and military; I've latched on to the label "conservatarian"
Music: Country, Rock (metal, hard, alt), Oldies, Classical
Movies: Comedy, action, sci-fi (not horror), superhero, military/historical
TV: Sitcom, sci-fi (some horror), drama, action, superhero
Primary Streaming: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, Sling TV, Crackle

Indoor Activities: TV (obviously), classic PC games, reading, social media

Outdoor Activities: Hiking, Kayaking, barbecue/grilling, swimming sometimes, I'd like to play Frisbee again
I go through periods where I run a lot and other periods where I don't.
I'll go camping if it's along with some other activity.

Other Activities: Travel, Cruising (on a ship/boat), karaoke
I go bowling from time to time.

Favorite Sports Teams:
College: Georgia Bulldogs, Mizzou Tigers
NFL: Washington Redskins, Kansas City Chiefs
MLB: Kansas City Royals
NHL: Detroit Redwings
AHL: Hershey Bears
ECHL: Gwinnett Gladiators
MLS: Sporting KC? I guess? I don't really watch fútbol.
NBA: Basketball sucks
NASCAR: hasn't been the same since Dale died and the league started promoting that whining pretty boy and adding restrictor plates at almost every track
Other Sports: Tennis is sometimes interesting, Curling, Volleyball

I've moved around a lot, so my sports fandoms come largely from where they were discovered and who they were discovered with.

I consider Kansas City to be my hometown. I wasn't born there, and in fact only lived there less than a decade, but the place stuck with me. If I could figure out a way, I'd move back.

aviation, video editing, history, entrepreneurs(hip)
Atlanta Metro
IT and Finance ("Business Systems") in manufacturing
Favorite TV Show
Cable Provider
Sling TV