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    Has anyone ever noticed that the price of their services has steadily risen over the last year. I have noticed price increases three times where I currently live and I am beginning to consider changing.
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    Anything satellite

    I am under the impression that if you have satellite TV that you are not eligible for the converter box program but would like to know why? I think they are not being fair in offering it when not all people use this in every home.
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    Been looking at the brands and models

    I have been looking and the various brands and models over the last week and cannot seem to find much of a difference in them other than cost. Am I just not looking at the right thing or should they all be about the same.
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    Never heard of this brand

    Where are these ones made and how much do they cost? Where is a good place to get more information on this converter box.
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    Closed Captioned and the Converter Box

    I know there are people that are probably wondering if they will still receive closed captioning through a converter box? The answer is yes, all coupon eligible converter box manufacturers are required to provide closed captioning for display on your television. But the features will depends on...
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    Are all consumers eligible for the coupon program?

    I have heard about people being denied coupons. So why does the request site that all households in the U.S. are eligible while supplies last. It further goes on to say that not all household are eligible because if you have cable TV, satellite or other pay services you are not eligible for the...
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    Are coupons available in other places

    Are coupon applications available in other places, such as my local library or grocery store? Here is what I found out about them trying to make them more readily available. The government is working with its partners (whomever they are) to make applications available in places that make the...
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    Just buying the converter box yourself

    Has anyone here just bought the converter box yourself instead of waiting for a subsidy coupon from the government? I would like to know the thoughts on doing this. Is it just much easier to do it and forget about the coupon?
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    How long they take

    What is the standard waiting period before you should contact them about it. I still have not heard back from them to find out about getting another coupon as I never got the first one. How long for them to contact you back regarding issues.
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    What about TV with built in digital

    Now how come we cannot get this with all the high tech digital TV's out there. They should have built in converters in them. I cannot believe that there is not a way that they can just make TV's like that saving people money.
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    Who is affected?

    All people using an antenna to watch TV, all people who do not subscribe to cable, satellite or other pay TV service. Now tell me this is not a way to help these companies make more money. Either you are forced to get one of these pay services or you are forced to buy a converter box. Either way...
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    Many Television Stations are already using

    Many of the television stations have been broadcasting in digital for some time now, so this will be a very easy transition for them. But for the consumer it may not be. That is why there is so much focus on getting converter boxes to all the people.
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    Why the Switch?

    I wondered this question myself, so I thought others might be interested in seeing the answer that I found as to why the switch from analog to digital. Here ya go! DTV technology is more flexible and efficient than the current analog system, that we have been using. The switch to digital allows...
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    Box is not required if you have

    I heard the box is not required if you are a cable subscriber. Is this because you box is already Digital or the cable company is sending signals digitally. I would like to know the answer please.
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    advertisements says

    The advertisements says that you may lose your signal, it does not says that you will lose you analog signal. Do you really think that this is going to happen, and why is the government giving refund coupons. I think it is another way for them to keep track of people and make money.